👋What is Codpeller?

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Codpeller – is a specialized company that develops high-quality applications for eCommerce platforms such as Ecwid and Shopify. Our team of programming and technology solution experts has been successfully working in the eCommerce industry for over 8 years.

We aim to assist online store owners in increasing their sales by creating effective applications that enhance the user experience.

Our mission is to develop user-friendly applications that improve the interface and functionality of eCommerce stores built on eCommerce platforms, ensuring a better user experience.

Our applications for eCommerce ecosystems

Our applications are utilized in online stores built on Ecwid and Shopify platforms across various countries worldwide.

Custom Development

Our specialists not only create ready-to-use applications but also effectively solve tasks for both internal and external clients. Our projects encompass:

  • Integrations with transportation companies, payment services, banks, social networks, and online marketing services.

  • Development of online stores and marketplaces on various Content Management Systems (CMS) and online platforms operating on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model (all in the cloud).

Our Guarantee

All our products for eCommerce ecosystems are characterized by reliability, cross-platform compatibility, ability to handle high loads, ensuring stable and proper operation.

We take pride in our extensive experience in eCommerce development, which we've effectively infused into creating our products. Join us, and let's make new technological advancements together in the world of eCommerce!

Thank you for choosing Codpeller!

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